We are Ata, a Portuguese brand of elastic laces! Our brand came about because of our princesses 👸 👸 Our eldest daughter won a kindness medal at school for helping her colleagues tie the laces. Rows of children tying shoelaces… We realized that we had to find a solution for these children and for many families, and after many nights of research we decided to go ahead with this family project!

In a few weeks our family project grew! We created the Minutes! We travel Portugal from north to south until we find the solution for what we envisioned. We were able to complete our project ... Elastic laces that when placed there is no need to tie again and are left without loose ends. What differentiates us is that we are made in Portugal, with quality made in Portugal and only those who use our laces know that they are elastic.

The Ata are super comfortable and super practical for children and the whole family! Even the most basic sneakers can get a new look! Ideal for sports and for those who cannot stop the marathon to tie laces. Our laces help even those with mobility difficulties… We have a rainbow of colors 🌈

With ATA elastic laces, putting on and off has never been easier! Tie and do not untie!

ATA's commitment

Innovate, simplify, product quality, Ata customer satisfaction and focus on maintaining Ata as a “made in Portugal” brand.

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